Sunday, February 8, 2009


Love is Blind:

Before read this article please read first PARENTS LOVE1

"Love is blind" do you believe it?You believe it or not I believe it.But what about parents love? This is not only blind but also unlimited.Every where you can find the word unlimited,such as unlimited traffic,unlimited bandwidth,unlimited hosting,unlimited online earning etc,etc.But I believe, the most unlimited thing of this world is parents love specially "Mother's Love".Can you remember your childhood and a night you were too ill?Can you remember who was beside you through out the night?...It was your mother.Who was most anxious at that night and was trying to do anything possible or impossible?...It was your father.If you try to remember such a night of your life,I can say with full confidence that you will agree with me "In such a time your parents were beside you".

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